About TriGrain®

Narrow-Band Red Phosphor

KSF/PFS (Potassium Fluorosilicate:Mn4+) is a narrow-band red phosphor for wide color gamut displays and high-CRI lighting (631nm emission peak). Current’s patented TriGrain® KSF Phosphor delivers higher absorption and improved reliability compared with standard KSF.


About JadeLuxeTM

Narrow-Band Green Phosphor

Current’s JADEluxeTM Phosphor is a narrow-band green (NBG) phosphor for wide color gamut displays. JADEluxeTM emission peak wavelength can be tailored to customer needs ranging from 533nm to 544nm.


TriGrain® and JADEluxeTM phosphors are usable for on-chip LED, miniLED, microLED, phosphor coatings, and remote film products.

TriGrain® can also be paired with green QD or perovskite QD (pQD).

LED Chip
Unmatched Performance

Wide Color Gamut

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Why choose Current’s LED phosphor technology?


TriGrain® and JADEluxeTM phosphors offer improved color gamut and fidelity compared to other technologies.


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